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Drainage Field Installation 

Septic Tank Soakaway Systems, Problems With Drainage Fields - How they work

A septic tank soakaway drainage field system performs two functions:-

  • It uses naturally occurring aerobic soil bacteria to further clean the pollutants in the effluent

  • It disperses septic effluent into the soil, without causing problems due to soil saturation and 'Backing-up' of the system.

Problems with your septic tank ? If you find your septic tank is filling up quicker than it normally does or the frequency of empties has increased then read on.

Drainage Fields 

Drainage Field Installation
Drain Field Installation

The above images show the installation of a drainage field, the trenches show the run of each section of the percolation areas. Each trench consists of a bed of washed stone, the percolation pipe is then placed on top of the desired level, then the pipe is surrounded by more stone to the correct level, this is then covered with a Geo Textile covering and the remaining area is back filled with soil and made up to the required top level.

Septic Tank Problems and the Resolve

- Septic Tank Filling Up Quicker Than Normal

- Solids Escaping In to Soak Away

- Dip Tubes Missing

- Tank Leaking and fractured

- Access Lids To Chambers Corroded 

- Soak Away Blocked and Blinded

Any of the above are signs that your septic tank has problems. The first thing to do is to Get In Touch so that we can arrange to have your septic tank emptied and cleaned.

Once the septic tank has been emptied and cleaned we carry out a septic tank survey to establish the problems. Missing Dip Tubes are normally the root cause of All septic tank problems.

What are Dip Tubes ?

Dip Tubes are in place within the chamber, the tube sits in the sewage and slows down the rate of which the sewage passes through the chambers, this in turn allows the solids to settle to the bottom and reduces the amount of solids that enter in to the soak away.

Missing dip tubes can be replaced and will prolong the life of the soak away, so long as the soak away is still functioning then this repair is a must.

Dividing chamber wall Damaged ?

The dividing wall separates the chamber in to 2 sections, this allows the initial solid retention to be in the first chamber and the second chamber receives less solids being as this is normally the chamber that leads to the soak away.

Broken and damaged walls need to be repaired. Keep your septic tank in good serviceable condition.

The resolve to any issues is firstly to have the tank inspected to ascertain if it is serviceable, if so then thats great news, have any repairs completed and carry on as normal.

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