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Blocked drains Oxfordshire 

Not all drain blockages appear suddenly and dramatically. You can become aware of an issue over a longer period of time. For example, you may notice that your sink, bath or washing machine are slow to drain, or wastewater seems to “bubble” back up. Or, you could start to experience bad smells coming from external pipework (and inspection hatches) leading to your toilet. Are gullies and overflow pipes constantly dripping or even running with water?

When it rains heavily, the additional water going into your exterior waste pipes from your property gutters could highlight the issue. You could even find yourself with inches of foul “backwash” settling outside your home or workplace.


What to do about a blocked drain

Whether you need emergency help with drains, or you want to check if you do have a blockage, you still need to proceed with care. There are products and tools you can use to unblock sinks yourself, for example, but some are too harsh and can inflict lasting damage. Some are totally useless!

There are also many companies and individuals around who offer to deal with blocked drains. It is important to find the right one, rather than simply the cheapest. Drains can be tricky, and the variety of layouts and types of blockages make it important to get a company with the right expertise and equipment – and who offer a fair price for the work involved.

What to look for from a drain clearance company.

One dubious practice from some less than honest drain clearance firms is to offer what appears to be a low price for their services. Once underway, with equipment on the premises, they “find” the task is more complex than first thought, and the final price goes up steeply!

That is why the first thing to look for is a reassuring level of testing and assessment. The company should be able to take information from you and put camera equipment into the waste system, to get a clear “picture” of the problem.

From that, they can provide feedback on how large the task is; from a simple blocked waste pipe in your kitchen sink, to major structural issues in your mains waste system. A credible and honest drain clearance company will even tell you if the problem lies off your property, and out of your individual responsibility. This enables you to contact your local water and waste management provider to address the issue.

Competent and well-trained companies will work to remove the blockage without causing any residual damage too. For example, if a contractor forces pressurised water through your drains inappropriately and unnecessarily, it could cause fractures. These then leak waste substances into your soil or the fabric of your building!

This all means that when you are “looking into drains” you need a company that is reliable and readily available, affordable but also experienced and well equipped.

Septic Tank Emptying Service

Local Septic tank emptying service. Our septic tank pumping service is reliable, we are registered licensed waste carriers and can empty septic tanks, cesspools, pump stations and waste water treatment plants.

Tankering Flood Management

We have a fleet of tankers available, ranging from small 2k to large combination units up to 4k. Our tankers are available 24 hours a day. Capable of tackling all issues from tank emptying, flood prevention and deep suction for removal of debris, fat and grease. Get In Touch Today 01865 655381

Pump Stations & Treatment Plants.

Tackling drainage issues, without a flood of follow up problems

Blocked or badly working drains can present a “sticky situation”, but also a very smelly one too! 

Having waste and dirty water that’s not clearing properly from a building can also bring serious health and hygiene concerns. Especially in a home with young children, a care facility for the elderly or a business in which food is served.

This can leave you urgently asking: “Is there a drain company near me?”.

How to know your drain is blocked


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